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TED Idea Search: Africa 2022 for young African Leaders

TED is looking for ideas worth spreading — that’s the mission! So… What does that mean? They are looking for ideas that are new, unique, and can offer an insight or a new way of thinking to a very large audience. Can you bring such ideas? Then you are what they need. See more information on how to apply below.

TED Idea Search: Africa 2022 for young African Leaders

TED is hosting another idea search with a mission to hear big, bold ideas — this time specifically from Africa. Applications are open to anyone in or descended from the African continent.

TED is committed to a global mindset. TED seek to source ideas from everywhere and to make them widely and freely accessible. Powerful ideas, expressed and distributed with care, can bring different groups together and create a shared vision of a future worth pursuing. It is with that global mindset that we are focusing on different regions of the world for several idea search events.

Your “idea worth spreading”

A TED Talk usually has a topic and an idea.

A topic is the high level — the general direction you want to take the talk.

Topic example: We need to fix the opioid crisis

An idea is a specific angle that stems from the topic — a unique message, solution, or insight that only you can share.

Idea example: In the opioid crisis, here’s what it takes to save a life.

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Application Procedure:

  • Applications are open to anyone in or descended from the African continent.
  • At this time, TED is only able to accept applications in English. Additionally, applications without videos or applications with videos that exceed 2 minutes will not be considered.
  • The deadline for submissions is June 24, 2022 at 11:59pm EDT.

Preparing your video submission

Please make a 2-minute video as a part of your application. You’ll find these instructions with more details on the application form as well.

Video setup

  • Film yourself using good lighting angled towards your face rather than coming from behind you. Do not use a green screen as your background.
  • Use a stable camera oriented in horizontal framing (this does not need to be a professional camera — it can be a computer or phone camera), set to the highest resolution. (On most phones, the resolution you want to use is 4k, 1080.)
  • Make sure your sound is clear and audible (avoid filming outside, and prevent objects from rubbing on the microphone).
  • Your combined answers to the 4 questions should not exceed 2 minutes. A good way to plan for 2 minutes is to write out a script that is around 280-300 words.
  • When you are done, upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and title the video, “your name – TED Idea Search: Africa 2022”. Make sure the video is listed as “public” or “unlisted” so that we won’t need a password to view it.

Questions you’ll need to answer in your video

  • Question 1. Who are you and what are your credentials?
  • Question 2. What is the idea you want to share?
  • Question 3. What insights will you leave the audience with?
  • Question 4. Why should we invite you to give a TED Talk?

For more information, visit TED Fellows Program | Participate | TED

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