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NYSC Batch B 2020 Update- Registration, Mobilization and Orientation Camp

Latest NYSC News BATCH B 2020/2021 Mobilization guide for institutions and students

We will like to use this medium to welcome all Prospective Corp Members to the 2020/2021 NYSC mobilization Guide for NYSC batch B 202 graduates.

This article aims to answer the below questions

  • When is NYSC going to mobilize Batch B Corp members?
  • When will 2020 Batch B orientation camp open?
  • When is the next NYSC batch going for service?
  • Update on NYSC batch B 2020/2021
  • NYSC Batch B stream 1 and NYSC batch B stream 2

NYSC mobilization for 2020/2021 Batch B Stream 1 and Stream 2

We have been receiving some questions from interested graduates who wish to go for service concerning the date when they will be mobilized and when to check their name on the NYSC Senate List and when the orientation camp would be opened. Check for your name on the NYSC Mobilization List Here

NYSC 2020/2021 Batch B Registration Portal

This post is a detailed guide on how to begin your NYSC Batch B registration when the portal is opened. We will also be informing you on the date the NYSC portal would be opened for registration.

This article contains all you need to apply for NYSC as a Married woman, Foreign graduate Registration, among others. Click on the link here to get all you need for the NYSC batch b registration

NYSC Senate List For Batch B 2020- Check your name

Before you proceed with your registration, it is important to ensure that you have been mobilized by your institution and also to know if your name is on the NYSC Batch B 2020 senate list. To check for your name on the 2020 NYSC senate list- Click here

NYSC/JAMB Matriculation list checker 2020/2021batch B

Are you aware that to go for service your name must appear on the JAMB Matriculation List? It is the recent collaboration between NYSC and JAMB to ensure that all those who are mobilized for service are certified students/graduates. Only those whose details are found on JAMB portal or whose admission process passed through JAMB are allowed to participate in the NYSC program.
Check for your name on the  NYSC/JAMB Matriculation List to confirm if your name is on the list. Click on 2020/2021 NYSC/JAMB Matriculation List Checker

NYSC Batch B 2020/2021 timetable

NYSC Batch B 2020 timetable contains all the activities lined up for the service year. The timetable contains the exact date when NYSC orientation camps will be opened, when corp members would be sworn in and the date they are expected to pass out (Passing Out Parade, POP).

When will NYSC Batch B 2020 Registration Start?

The NYSC Batch B 2020 registration will commence after NYSC Batch A 2020 corp members live camp. It is assumed that the registration will begin in June, 2020. We will update you when the date has been fully confirmed.

NYSC Batch B 2020 Call up Letter

It is important for all prospective NYSC corp members to print out their call up letters before going to their respective orientation camps. The NYSC call up letter contains the state you have been posted to, it also contains the address of the orientation camp. Please print out the letter in colored. Click on the link here to see NYSC 2020/2021 Call Up Letter Printing Date

NYSC Redeployment Letter 2020 Approved Format

If you are posted to a state you are not comfortable with for any reason, you have the option of choosing another state to be posted to. This is called NYSC redeployment and to do this you must meet the requirements by writing a letter. The letter is called NYSC redeployment request letter. Click here to see the Latest Approved Format for NYSC Redeployment Letter Request

How to Register for NYSC 2020 Batch B

When you are ready to begin your NYSC 2020 batch B online registration, you are expected to go to  www.portal.nysc.org.ng.

You will be expected to fill all your details truthfully to avoid any issues. If you want to print your NYSC 2020 Batch B Call up Letter online, you are expected to pay for it online otherwise you wait and collect the letter from your institution.

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