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Complete guide on NYSC and all you need to know about orientation camp

Guide on NYSC orientation camp

This contains a well written guide for all corp members and prospective corp members (PCMs) on NYSC. This also contains all you need to know about NYSC orientation camp.

Carefully go through this post, as the information contained in it would be very beneficial and instrumental to the success of your NYSC service year.

What is NYSC Orientation Camp?

As soon as graduates have been mobilized and completed their NYSC online registration, they would be issued their NYSC Call-Up Letter which would contain the Date for NYSC Orientation Camp.

The orientation camp is the place PCM’s would receive formal training for two (2) weeks after which they can assume the full status of Corp ‘members.

PCM’s are allowed some days from commencement of the orientation camp to report to camp and get registered.

Which state has the best NYSC orientation camp in Nigeria?

Almost all states in Nigeria have orientation camps, while this may seem like an obvious fact, not all of these camps are in top shape. We would be listing the top NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria.

  • Abuja
  • Akwa-Ibom
  • Enugu
  • Kano
  • Katsina
  • Kwara
  • Lagos
  • Osun

What documents are you to bring to NYSC camp?

These are the important documents you need in other to be registered at camp

  • Your NYSC call-up letter
  • Your last institutions ID card
  • Original certificates/statement of result
  • Passport photograph
  • Health clearance/Medical document from a recognized hospital.

After your successful registration at camp, you would be given the below listed

  • Your name would be entered into the NYSC register popularly known as “Book of Life”
  • State code number (unique to all)
  • A meal card/ticket (you need this to get access to the meals prepared for all corp ‘members)
  • A file in which you can put all your credentials
  • ID card

What are the things to bring to NYSC camp?

Although  NYSC would give you some items such as, two white t-shirts, two white shorts, one NYSC crested vest, one NYSC cap, a pair of NYSC khaki (jacket, belt and trousers), one pair of jungle boots, it is also good (not necessary) you come with the below listed items. These items would aid the smooth running of your NYSC orientation camp course, you are advised to buy it from home if you can as they would be quite expensive at the camp market popularly known as Mammy Market:

  • Antiseptics
  • Bed sheets, pillowcase, pillow and a wrapper or blanket.
  • Bucket
  • Dish items (food flask, spoon, and a drinking cup)
  • File Jackets (for keeping your documents)
  • Flashlight/Rechargeable lamps
  • Money and ATM Cards (avoid borrowing at camp, go with some cash)
  • Padlocks
  • Phone charger/Power bank. (an extra battery for your phone is not a bad idea)
  • Plain white sneakers or tennis shoes
  • Provisions (milk, bournvita etc.)
  • Rubber slippers (for bathing and walking in the room)
  • Stationery (book and pen)
  • Toiletries
  • Towels.
  • Treated mosquito net.
  • Waist Pouch (to keep your money and phone close to you)
  • White round neck T-shirt
  • White shorts
  • White socks

Extension boxes are not allowed in camp, it would be collected from you at the camp gate, and also laptops are not allowed on camp.

Vehicles are not allowed in NYSC camp premises.

How to join NYSC Orientation Broadcasting Services (OBS)?

OBS is made up of corp members would are charged with the responsibility of passing information to all members.

It’s a highly sort after position as there are some benefits attached to the position.

Corps members that possess the basic skills are chosen to join the OBS committee.

What is NYSC Anthem?

This is the anthem created by NYSC for all corp members to recite during every gathering . Below is the correct lyrics, you can memorize it here because it would be an important part of your orientation exercise.

NYSC ANTHEM                 

Youths obey the clarion call

Let us lift our nation high

Under the sun or in the rain

With dedication and selflessness

Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve

Put the nation first in all

With service and humanity

NYSC for the noble youth

Make Nigeria a great nation

Far and near we come to serve

And to build our fatherland

With oneness and loyalty

NYSC for unity

Hail Nigeria our great nation.

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