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NYSC Redeployment Letter Format 2019/2020- Get redeployment request approved fast

2019/2020 NYSC Redeployment Letter Approved Format

This is basically for all those NYSC Corp’s Members that where posted to various states but due to various and personal reasons do not want to serve in the state. It is possible that you would rather prefer to serve in a different state due to reasons ranging from health, marriage, security etc.

To be redeployed you must write the NYSC Redeployment Letter 2019. You must ensure that this letter is properly written if you want your request to be approved. Don’t worry; we got you covered with this article. You also need to have your NYSC Call Up Letter

How to write NYSC Redeployment Letter?

We would be given you the approved steps and format for writing the redeployment letter to enable your request to be granted.

The National Youth Service Commission aims at fostering unity among the youths of Nigeria by cultural integration, i.e. posting them to other states outside their state of origin/institution state to learn the ways and culture of the people; hopefully it would bring about cultural unity in the country.

Whether you want to redeploy or not, you are expected to resume orientation camp at the initial state you have been posted to, you must perform the NYSC orientation camp duties properly before you would be re-deployed.

NYSC officials tend not to be rigid; as they give PCM’s the privilege to request for redeployment if they are not comfortable with the initial state they have been posted too.

Please ensure you have a genuine reason for seeking redeployment, without a good reason; you might not be able to get the redeployment you wish for.

You are expected to write a letter requesting for your redeployment to another state and it must be properly addressed to the right office.

Approved Format for Writing Redeployment Letter

  • At the top right hand-side of the letter is your address
  • At the left is the address of NYSC D.G in Abuja, then you write “through”
  • Your NYSC State Coordinator, Then “through”
  • Your State Camp director. Then full stop.
  • Salutation
  • Title (e.g. Application for Redeployment to Sokoto State)
  • Body of the letter
  • Conclusion
  • Your name and signature. You can also input your NYSC State code.

NYSC Redeployment Letter Format 2019/2020

Your Address



No. ***** area



***** State NYSC Cordinator,

No.***** road

****** State

***** State.


***** State NYSC Camp Director,

No. *****

***** Camp,

***** State

Dear Sir,

Application for Redeployment to (put state of your choice)

I ****** ****** with NYSC State code *********, hereby write to request for redeployment back to (******** State). This is to enable me (give the reason here) and also continue to serve my father land in the State.

Attached with this letter, are my NYSC redeployment form and (evidence supporting the reason) to enable you consider my application. I will really appreciate if my application is favourably considered. Thanks.

Please Note– Try to make the letter as convincing as possible.

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