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NYSC Four Top States To Chose For Service

In this article we would be guiding you on how to select the right state for your NYSC service year. There are a lot of benefits attached when you select a state that is in line with your vision and future goals.

You may be wondering, the need for this article, but be rest assured that the usefulness of this post can’t be over emphasized.

When you are doing your NYSC online registration, you would be expected to select four (4) states from all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria. This simply means that you must choose a western state, an eastern/southern state, and 2 northern states.

You might be tempted to select the same states with your friends, but this might not always be the best choice, because there is no guarantee you will be posted to the same state. Simply putting what others have selected might seem as an easy choice but we advise you go for what suits you.

How to choose the best states to serve

There are many things you must consider before selecting the states.

  • You may want to consider states closer to you if you don’t like long distance journey.
  • If you intend developing a skill or selling a product or service, it’s good you select a state where such markets are readily available.
  • If you want to save some money for a business, you may want to consider a state that pays corps members and also states with low cost of living.

View states that pay corps ‘member monthly and how much they pay here

  • If you are the type that likes night life, you may want to consider a state with adequate security.
  • If you want to be exposed to beautiful monuments, culture and heritage, you would have to select a state that can satisfy your curiosity.
  • If you intend starting up in the state you are posted to, then you must consider states with companies or businesses that can employ you and so on.

Irrespective of all reasons, you wouldn’t select a state with crisis. If you are posted to a state you don’t like you can request for NYSC redeployment here

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