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NYSC Batch A Timetable 2021| Online Registration, Mobilization and Orientation Timetable

NYSC BATCH A 2021 Timetable- NYSC Batch A 2021 | Online Registration, Mobilization and Orientation Timetable- www.portal.nysc.org.ng.

What to do before NYSC BATCH A 2021 online registration

2021 NYSC Batch A service year update. Check out the list below

Also Note-

  • During the NYSC 2021 online registration, you will be required to do a biometric capture (i.e to get your finger prints captured)
  • To get your NYSC Batch A 2021 Call-Up Letter, you will be required to pay an amount ranging from 2500-3000 Naira.

Documents needed for NYSC Batch A 2021 online registration

  • JAMB registration number
  • Valid Matriculation number
  • Complete names as contained in your credentials
  • Name of school attended from primary – tertiary level, starting date and ending date
  • Married women need to have their marriage certificates at hand. See full NYSC Mobilization criteria for Married Women here
  • Recent passport photographs with both ears showing.
  • Ensure you make payments after you must have submitted your form online.

Will NYSC Batch A 2021 have Stream 1 and Stream 2?

Yes, as it is the new tradition of NYSC, the 2021 Batch A will have NYSC Batch A 2021 Stream 1 and Stream 2. There will be different online registration and mobilization.


The NYSC Batch A 2021 Mobilization timetable is out. Click Here to download it

NYSC Batch A 2021 Whatsapp Group

NYSC Batch A 2021 whatsapp group is available. Indicate your interest and we will add you to the group.

NYSC Batch A 2021 Stream 2 TimeTable


How To Register NYSC 2021 Batch A

  • Go to the NYSC Online Portal via portal.nysc.org.ng
  • Create an account with a valid email.
  • Go to the email and confirm account
  • Proceed to input all required info.

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