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Ikeja Electric Key Change Tokens (KCT) – Upgrade Your Meter

Ikeja Electric Key Change Tokens (KCT) – Upgrade Your Meter.

Ikeja Electric Key Change Tokens (KCT 1 and KCT 2) – Upgrade Your Meter

Elevate your metering experience with Ikeja Electric Key Change Tokens (KCT 1 and KCT 2). This essential upgrade ensures a seamless transition for prepaid meter users, offering enhanced functionality and convenience. The upgrade process is straightforward and can be completed with a few simple steps.

Token Input Process:

Upon your first vend from November 17th, 2023, you will receive two sets of tokens (KCTS) alongside your energy token. To upgrade your meter, follow these steps:

  1. Punch in the first set of 20-digit tokens and press “enter” to reset your meter.
  2. Punch in the second set of 20 digits tokens and press “enter” to complete the meter upgrade.
  3. Load your energy token to resume regular usage.

Link your NIN on to enable vending from November 17th. This one-time upgrade does not impact your existing units.

Verify Your Key Change Tokens (KCT 1 and KCT 2):

Ensure the successful loading of credit tokens on your prepaid meter by verifying your Key Change Tokens. Visit and enter your KCT 1 and KCT 2 details.

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How to Resolve KCT Issues:

Encountering challenges with your Upgrade KCTs? Retrieve them instantly through the following options:

Option 1: Using USSD

  1. Dial *7024#.
  2. Select 2 for Token Retrieval.
  3. Input your meter number to retrieve your KCT.

Note: Currently available on MTN, 9mobile, and GLO networks.

Option 2: Using Ikeja Electric Website

  1. Visit
  2. Input your meter number.
  3. Click Next to retrieve your KCT.

How to Upgrade your Prepaid Meter

Users failing to update their meters before November 2024 won’t be able to recharge their prepaid meters. As per NERC’s directive, all electricity consumers nationwide are urged to update their prepaid meters.

For Ikeja Electric consumers, follow these steps to upgrade your meter:

  1. Link your NIN to your meter at
  2. Receive three sets of 20-digit tokens after your first vend following NIN linkage.
  3. If you don’t receive the tokens, generate the code here after recharging.
  4. Input the first set of 20-digit tokens (KCT 1) to reset the meter.
  5. Input the second set of 20-digit tokens (KCT 2) to upgrade the meter to the new STS platform.
  6. Use the last 20-digit tokens to load the purchased energy value into the meter.

Stay connected, stay powered with Ikeja Electric.

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