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Ultimate Guide To YouTube Marketing in Africa (Nigeria) 2020| Make money on YouTube

What is YouTube Marketing?

Do you know that video content is the secret to successful content marketing in Africa 2020? It would interest you to know that YouTube is the home of online video, both for marketers and private individuals. YouTube is the second largest internet search engine in the world.

YouTube Marketing is selling your contents to a large audience via video format.

Guide to YouTube Marketing in Africa 2020

There are over fifty million (50,000,000) content developers on the platform. If you want to stand out on YouTube, you must be super creative and prepared.

In this ultimate guide series, we will be focusing on three important areas:

  • Create and optimize YouTube channel
  • Understanding your audience
  • Advertising on YouTube through YouTube ads.

YouTube Marketing Steps To Stay Ahead Of The Game

First Step– Create a YouTube channel for your business

To do anything relating with YouTube marketing, you must ensure you have opened a Brand Account on Google.

Second Step– Discover your audience interest

It is important you use the analytic tools provided on YouTube to check the following

  • Which countries are your videos viewed from, and when are they viewed?
  • What gender makes up the larger part of your viewers?
  • What age category does your viewers fall under? Do you have more teenagers, youths or adults?

With the answers of the above questions at your finger tips, you will be able to structure your video content to capture more viewers.

Third Step– Check out your competition

Checking out how well or how badly your competition is doing is very necessary if you want to be at the top of your game on YouTube. The amazing thing is that you can do this without paying any additional fee, as all the information you need for the comparison can be found on their channels.

Fourth Step– Create a Great Channel Layout

According to Neil Patel– The first step to YouTube marketing is to have a great channel layout. When people come to your channel, they need to know what you’re about and what types of videos you have. With that said, you should already have an idea of what is expected of you right?

Fifth Step– Create Regular Content with a great title

If you want to succeed in YouTube Marketing, you must update your channel regularly with new contents. It is advisable to post a video at least every 3 days, however the right amount of how often you upload content depends on the response of your audience.

It is also important that your contents are actually viewed, and to do this you need awesome eye catching titles.

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We hope this article helped you learn how to become a successful YouTube Marketer in Africa.

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