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How To Link Your Child Mobile Device To Your Own and Monitor Their Online Activities

How To Link Your Child Mobile Device To Your Own and Monitor Their Online Activities – Steps on How To Link Your Child Mobile Device To Your Own – How to link a mobile device to your own mobile device.

This article has become necessary for the Legit Portal team to write due to the ever increasing rate of decadence and exposure of sensitive items to minors in the society. Parents are on the lookout daily on how they can shield their children/wards from this negative situations. One of the ways to do this is to enable a form of child lock on your children’s mobile devices.

Kindly go through this article as it promises to be very insightful and helpful to curb this menace.

How To Link Your Child Mobile Device To Your Own

The tips contained in this article will help parents monitor their children activities on Mobil devices and also help to keep the kids safe online.

It would interest you to know that Google created an app called Google family link to help parents monitor activities of their children online.

When parents link the phones, they can block or allow certain contents to enter or not enter their children’s phones. This will enable the parents know the type of content the children watch.

You can use the app to block porn sites and other unwanted contents. Parents can also use this app to set how long the child can use the device.

This simply means that the parent can make the child’s mobile device go off when the allocated time has finished. Cool right?

How to Set Up Google Family Link On Your Child’s Phone

  • Create Gmail account for the child with his/her real age.
  • Install Google Family Link on the parents phone.
  • Add the child registered Gmail ID to your Google family link.
  • Use the child email ID to login into the child device and activate. Your phone will get a notification to allow for activation of the child’s phone.

They can now use the phone, but they will not be able to access adult sites with the phone.

Other Tips To Help Parents Monitor Kids Devices

  • Keep the computer in a central place, so you go can monitor what they are using it to do.
  • Join them to do internet search when they need it. Don’t allow them do it alone.
  • Flag sites you don’t want them to be able to access. Almost all apps and sites has a button you can use to flag things.
  • Ensure you put passwords on devices and don’t give out this passwords.
  • Always talk with your children, also let them know that they should not share personal information with outsiders they meet online.

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Tips on How You Can Monitor Your Child’s Mobile Device

When you install and setup the Google family link, you will be receiving notifications when your child is trying to access a wrong site, this will enable you know where and when to counsel the child.

Other tips include:

  • Put child protection on your cable TV. With this they won’t be able to access adult and restricted contents.
  • Put child protection on your online accounts like Netflix and YouTube
  • Control their access to internet data and Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure that schools screen all mobile devices the children take to school, especially the ones that live in the hostel.
  • Monitor what your child does after lights out at night as some of them go to their rooms wit their devices and continue using them after lights out.
  • Use WhatsApp web to log into their chats, this will help you know the kind of friends that they keep.

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