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Household Uplifting Program (HUP) Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT). National Cash Transfer Office (NCTO) through the Household Uplifting Programme provides support for poor and vulnerable citizens through targeted cash transfers, capacity building, and coaching and mentoring and livelihood support. Renewed Hope CCT Registration Portal

Base Cash Transfers

This provides targeted monthly base cash transfer of NGN 5,000 to the eligible mined from the NSR. The transfer is to help improve their consumption levels and to encourage them to develop savings skills. The overall objective is aimed at reducing poverty, preventing the vulnerable households from becoming poorer and building their ability to be better than what they were before they started benefiting from the programme.

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Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) – Top Up

The top-up cash transfer is an additional NGN 5,000 made available to some PVHH. Beneficiaries who qualify for the top-up cash transfer are required to participate in at least one of the activities that contributes to their human capital development and to a sustainable environment. Beneficiaries are expected to adhere to the specified conditions attached to the top-up transfer. These conditions are referred to as “co-responsibilities”. The co-responsibilities are associated to education, environment, health, and nutrition. Each state is expected to pick at least one co-responsibility that reflects the state’s deficiency in the specified areas. The objectives of the top-up cash transfer include the following:

  • Education: Increase children school enrolment/attendance
  • Environment: Address environmental hazards to improve productive assets
  • Health: Improve utilization of health facilities for ante-natal care, post-natal care, and child immunization
  • Nutrition: Improve child nutrition

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Livelihood Support

The livelihood support activities facilitate graduation of beneficiaries out of poverty, thereby making them financially independent.

Livelihood support aims at complementing the cash transfer to help targeted households to build a mind-set of enterprise development in order to reduce abject poverty in communities and create opportunities for work both on-farm and off-farm especially among women and youth. The livelihood component of this programme is fundamentally focused at enabling beneficiaries to establish a sustainable means of livelihood. A number of beneficiaries have made remarkable progress in their individual lives and households. A lot of the beneficiaries of the CCT are engaged in productive business activities for self-reliance. Some of them are engage in animal husbandry, petty trading, services such as dressmaking, grinding of grains and other necessary service at the communities which was the preserve of a few persons.

Capacity Building

Beneficiaries are provided with capacity building in the areas of Savings and Group Mobilization (SGM), Life Skills (LS), Micro Business Skills (MBDP), Co-orientation, and Nutrition training for co-responsibility.

Some productive activities engaged in by beneficiaries include:

  • Farming such as cassava, maize, rice, and similar products
  • Animal farming such as goats, sheep, poultry, cows, and piggery
  • Petty trading such as provision shops
  • Processing of produce such as rice, cassava, oil palm, shear butter, and groundnut
  • Rendering of milling services
  • Rendering of tailoring service
  • Community projects such as drilling of boreholes and digging wells, renovation of health centres, and schools.

Renewed Hope CCT Registration Portal

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