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How to Update Your NEXIT Portal Record Successfully

This NEXIT Portal update in order to ensure that all our readers NEXIT portal profile is correctly updated. You must fill the update record section of the portal properly.

Important Questions You Must Answer on NEXIT Portal

Below are some of the questions you must answer and how to answer them :

  • Do you have a job after exiting from the N-Power Programme?
    ANSWER: No
  • What type of job?
    ANSWER: Self-employed
  • During the N-power programme, did you acquire a skill?
    ANSWER: If you do say Yes, if not say No
  • Do you have an existing business?
    ANSWER: No
  • Do you have any business idea you intend to start?
    ANSWER: Yes
  • Do you desire to own a business venture?
    ANSWER: Yes
  • Do you need a loan for your business venture?
    ANSWER: Yes
  • Would you like to participate in a digital and e-commerce skills acquisition training programme?
    ANSWER: Yes

The “Add any additional info” part is where you should sell yourself properly but keep it short. Tell them about the Category of Npower you were enrolled in and if you want to be transition in that part. If not leave it blank.

How to Sign Up For the Npower NEXIT CBN Empowerment Opportunities

Please follow the registration instructions below:

For further enquiries or issues in regard to the registration, please contact the NSIP team:

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We hope this article helped you successfully get the answer to NEXIT.

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  • I have filled in my records, but made a mistake and in the process of trying to edit it, the system automatically erased the info I filled in “what is your state of origin”, and “what is your LGA of residence”. Please can you assist on the way forward?

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