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NNPC Recruitment 2019 Shortlist and Aptitude Test Update-

NNPC 2019 recruitment has come to an end and the question on everyone’s lip is what is the next stage for the NNPC recruitment?

We gathered from a very reliable source that there would be an NNPC 2019 Recruitment Aptitude Test for all those who are successfully shortlisted for the next stage of the recruitment process.

NNPC 2019 Recruitment List of Successful Shortlisted Candidates

According to the current NNPC boss plans are in motion to release the list of successfully shortlisted candidates for the just concluded recruitment exercise. Only such candidates whose names appear on the list would be eligible for the screening/aptitude test exercise.

We promise to update you as soon as the shortlist is out and hope that you are shortlisted, so you can kickoff preparations to take the aptitude test.

Keep on checking this page for the NNPC 2019 Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates PDF

NNPC Aptitude Test 2019/2020 Update

A release on Wednesday in Abuja by the corporation’s Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Mr. Ndu Ughamadu, said the Second Phase of the exercise involving shortlisting of qualified candidates had started.

He further explained, that the qualified ones among them would be invited to participate in a computer-based aptitude tests.

The tests would be administered in about 50 centres across the country, saying those who emerge successful in the tests would subsequently be invited for oral interviews for final selection.

NNPC Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

If you are preparing to write an aptitude test, you must be fully prepared for it. We have decided to update you with this useful tips to help you prepare for the 2019/2020 NNPC aptitude test and pass with flying colors.

NNPC is Nigeria’s number 1 oil and gas company and if you want to work in this company you must first perform excellently well in the aptitude test, you have to prepare well for likely aptitude test questions.

To help you prepare properly, Legit Portal Team have compiled a list of aptitude test questions below for you to practice

How to Answer NNPC quantitative/numerical reasoning aptitude test questions

The quantitative/numerical reasoning aptitude test shows your ability to deal with numbers fast and correctly. This type of test questions assess your knowledge of ratios, percentages, number sequences, data interpretation, financial analysis and currency conversion.

How to Answer NNPC verbal reasoning aptitude test questions

Verbal reasoning test usually checks your ability to understand and comprehend things. Most times, you will be presented with a short text passage which will require you to interpret them before answering the questions.

The NNPC verbal reasoning aptitude test questions most times takes the multiple choice format, True or false, or simple the interpretations option format.

How to answer NNPC spatial/abstract reasoning aptitude test questions

The NNPC abstract reasoning tests is designed to assess your logical reasoning ability. The questions measure your ability to study and infer a set of rules from a flowchart or sequence of diagrams and then to apply those rules to a new situation to see how they work.

How to answer NNPC General knowledge and current affairs aptitude test questions

The NNPC aptitude test usually consist of general knowledge and current affairs questions. These questions doesn’t just take the normal format of general knowledge questions because the questions you might be faced with would have to deal with information from NNPC and the Nigerian oil and gas sector basically.

Some field specific questions may appear under the general knowledge section of the test depending on the position you applied for.

Step by Step Guide on How to prepare for NNPC aptitude test       

The importance of doing very well in the aptitude test has been explained above, also we presented you with question tips and formats to expect in the exam hall. Now we would end this article for now with important tips to prepare adequately for the test.

  • Understand the format for the aptitude test- We have shown you this above, it would help you kick-start your preparations.
  • Have a strategy to answer the questions: Focus on your major strengths and answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.
  • Practice past questions regularly: NNPC aptitude test usually have some questions repeated over the years. Practicing this questions will help you answer similar questions quickly when you see them.
  • Follow aptitude test instructions: It is important you follow the instructions given to you in the hall properly to avoid being disqualified from taking the NNPC aptitude test.

Date, Time and Venue for NNPC Aptitude Test 2019/2020

This particular information is not yet out, we will notify you as soon as it is out so you can proceed to take your test.

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We hope this article helped you in the NNPC Recruitment Exercise 2019 Aptitude Test.

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NNPC Recruitment 2019 Shortlist and Aptitude Test