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How to Get Car Washing Jobs in Canada- Application Guide and Links

How to Get Car Washing Jobs in Canada –You can earn a decent salary from working in a car wash in Canada as long as you are dedicated to your job and doing it properly, you will be able to comfortable pay your bills and upkeep. There are many companies that needs car wash attendants and we will be guiding you on the right steps to take to know the ones that pay better. This article also contains an updated list of Car Washing Jobs you can apply for in Canada.

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Car Washing Jobs In Canada

There are some common jobs you can get in Canada and one of them is car washing jobs. This is simply because a lot of large and small firms are always in need of such services. The car wash offer and vacancies are usually more during the summer time. Also, in areas prone to dust storms like Saskatchewan have a high demand for such service.

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Who is a Car Washer?

A Car washer is a person responsible for washing cars and carrying out all other daily duties that ensure effective operation of the car wash facility.

The job description for car washers also involves delivering the best customer service to their customers.

The role of a car washer entails and not limited to working outside, where there is opportunity to interact with customers and ensure they are happy.

They greet customers with a warm smile, ask them what they are willing to get done, collect the required fee, and happily get the job done.

Duties and task of a car washer

  • The car washer is expected to participate in the washing process and apply car wash equipment
  • They will be required to greet customers, explain available wash services to them; take and process wash payments to the best satisfaction of customers.
  • They might be required to scrub heavily soiled and hard to reach areas of the customer’s or company’s vehicles, and pre-wash exterior areas of cars
  • They might be expected to carry out periodic maintenance of equipment used in washing to keep them in the right shape.
  • They will be required to perform cleaning of the facility and ensure everything is kept in the other.
  • They would be required to provide assistance to customers in any area that has to do with car washing.
  • They could be required to apply water hoses, nozzles, brushes, soap buckets, broom, hand tools, pressure washer, and grease gun.
  • They will be required to ensure that they move or direct cars into the wash area with a pleasant, focused, and competent attitude.
  • They might be required to ensure that they carry out visual inspection of customer or companies’ vehicles to confirm their condition before approving them for washing.
  • They will be required to ensure that all company policies and procedures are adhered to in carrying out their daily task
  • They will be required to ensure vacuums are unclogged, trash cans are properly emptied, and hoses properly hung
  • They will be required to ensure that the right thing is done at the right time with customers, home office, and fellow teammates.

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How Much Do Car Wash Assistant Earn in Canada

Due to the nature of the job which involves washing cars and other heavy machinery, a car wash worker/attendant is mostly paid per hour and sometimes based on the number of cars washed per day. For example, an average car washer in Canada earns about $18/Hr.

Some companies in Canada offer higher pay, but this depends on your agreement with them. For example, if you are willing to wash heavy equipment’s and also clean the environment, then you might qualify for higher pay. Immigrants and foreign workers are currently working under such condition, but we strongly advise you consider your health before taking extra jobs.

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Requirements, Skills, Abilities, Knowledge for Car Washers in Canada

As a car washer, your responsibilities are and not limited to clean customers’ cars and to provide excellent customer service. Your job duties include and not limited to all aspects of washing the interiors and exteriors of cars. For car interiors, you are expected to dispose of trash, vacuum floors and seats, polish surfaces, and clean the inside of the car wind-shield and windows.

For the case of car exteriors, you are expected to pre-soak, soap, rinse, and dry the car. You can also apply wax and clean tires too. As part of the car wash attendant team, you will be expected to have a strong communication skill, physical agility, and customer service skills. There are no specific educational qualifications for car wash attendant jobs.

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Companies Offering Car Washing Jobs in Canada

Here is a short list of some companies offering car washing jobs in Canada:

  • Doctor Car wash
  • Bayview Car Wash Ltd
  • Enterprise Holdings
  • United Parcel Service
  • Audi of Mississauga
  • Penske Truck Leasing and Logistics
  • Automotive wholesale Inc
  • Avis Budget Group
  • Nanak Car wash Inc
  • CK collision Centers
  • Unique Window Tinting & Detailing

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Sites You Can Find Car Washing Jobs in Canada

Here is a list of 12 best job listing websites in Canada where you can easily find car washing jobs;

  1. Robert Half
  2. CareerBuilder
  3. Indeed
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Eluta
  6. Jobboom
  7. Glassdoor
  8. Monster
  9. Simply Hired
  10. Google For Jobs
  11. ZipRecruiter
  12. Hustlersgist
  13. Individual Company websites

How to Apply for Car Washing Jobs In Canada

To apply for Car washing job in Canada, we strongly advise you first set out enough time to check out the company’s official recruitment portal. That is the only place you can get first-hand information about the recruitment and how you can apply.

Kindly select from any of the companies that we have listed above, search for their website on Google and visit their recruitment page.

We hope this article helped you successfully apply.

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