Heartfelt Letter to Future Wife| The promises I vow to keep

Heartfelt Open Letter to My Future Wife

Greetings to you, my future wife.

I don’t know if we have met or yet to meet, so I don’t know if you are reading this now or you are reading this some time in the nearest future, I just want you to know some things.

You prolly wondering why I am writing this today, the truth is I really can’t get the thought of you out of my head, I keep picturing how blessed and happy we will be together. This letter would stand as a witness to the promise that I make to you, with all my being, I will uphold your honor and always do right by you.

I am quite vast in a lot of areas, but to be honest I have no idea of the difficulties associated with such commitments that lasts for a lifetime, but I have been in one too many relationships with its ups and downs, so I can comfortably tell you I know what I want and how I can commit all of me to you.

I am but a man, sometimes my good intentions may be misunderstood, sometimes I could simply be difficult or annoying. I am learning everyday to be a better version of myself and I would like to make this promises to you:

I promise to make your smile my priority

I promise that I will always look at you adoringly just like that beautiful day I discovered I was in love with you.

I promise to help you achieve your dream, goals and aspirations. I will be your able assistant on your journey to fulfil your God given purpose on earth.

I promise to you know, you know ? to the best of my ability. The bible says we are one so every part of me belongs to you. So you know, you know?.

I promise to never let the excitement of you being with me die down.

I promise to hold your hands when we get very old just as I held you in the days of youth.

I promise never to get you bored. We are going to go on lovely dates and have the best of laughs.

I promise to keep challenging you to do greater exploits.

I promise to be your number one fan. Cheering you on as you champion your way through life.

When you are sad and troubled, I promise to be there with a shoulder to lean on and a firm assurance that we will get through it together.

I promise to kiss you everyday, just the way you like it, with the same passion of our first kiss, while we see time stand still as our feelings get the best of us.

I promise to be a good spiritual head in the family, we will stand the gap for all associated with us.

I promise to be a loving father to our child or children as the Lord wills.

I promise to put in effort to look my best for you, you want 6 pacs, I will make it 8. I will be healthy for you.

I promise to put in effort to make money and provide for your every need and that of the one’s God gives us.

Honestly, I am not a fan of domestic works like cooking, washing etc but I promise I will support you. I will prepare tasty meals for you, I will do chores too (but not everytime, I know you understand ?).

I promise to love your family.

I promise to listen to you when you are talking or when you are silent. I will hear your every thought. I will give you the best advices.

I promise to be all I can be for you. So help me God.

I love you with my whole heart

Sweet thoughts of you, Your Future Husband.

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