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Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Ranks and Salary Structure [UPDATED]

Federal Road Safety Corps is the Government Agency with statutory responsibilities for road safety administration in Nigeria. Founded in 1988, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) operates in all Nigerian states as well as the Federal Capital Territory and is the leading agency in Nigeria on road safety administration and management.

Duties of FRSC in Nigeria

The main duties of the FRSC in Nigeria are-

  • Making the highways safe for motorists and other road users
  • Checking road worthiness of vehicles
  • Recommending works and infrastructures to eliminate or minimize accidents on the highways
  • Educating motorists and members of the public on the importance of road discipline on the highways.

Federal Road Safety Corps Ranks

The ranking system of the Federal Road Safety Corps is divided into two, we have the commissioned and non commissioned staff; these are the non-commissioned staff

FRSC Marshal Ranks/Structure

1 Junior Marshals RMAIII Road Marshal Assistant III (Entry Point)
2 RMAII Road Marshal Assistant II
3 RMAI Road Marshal Assistant I
4 SRMA Senior Road Marshal Assistant
5 DCRMA Deputy Chief Road Marshal Assistant
6 CRMA Chief Road Marshal Assistant
7 Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) MI-III Marshal Inspector III
8 MI-II Marshal Inspector II
9 MI-I Marshal Inspector I
10 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) SMI Senior Marshal Inspector
11 PMI Principal Marshal Inspector
12 ACI Assistant Chief Inspector
13 DCI Deputy Chief Inspector
14 CI Chief Inspector

Below is the rank list for personnel considered to be commissioned, staff

FRSC Officers Ranks/Structure

1 ARC Assistant Route Commander (Entry Point)
2 DRC Deputy Route Commander
3 RC Route Commander
4 SRC Superintendent Route Commander
5 CRC Chief Route Commander
6 ACC Assistant Corps Commander
7 DCC Deputy Corps Commander
8 CC Corps Commander
9 ACM Assistant Corps Marshal
10 DCM Deputy Corps Marshal
11 CM Corps Marshal

Qualification And Rank Structure Of The Federal Road Safety Corps (Entry Level)

Qualification Grade Level Basic Salary Range per Annum Possible Rank
SSCE 03 ₦298,506 ­­- ₦330,231 RMA-III
OND 05 ₦329,853 – ₦374,259 MI-III
HND 07 ₦483,014 – ₦567,065 MI
BSC 08 ₦888,956 – ₦988,991 ARC

The Basic Annual Salary Of The Staff Of The Federal Road Safety Corps According to Ranks

The salaries below are basic net annual salaries, this means that this is their take-home pay after making all the necessary annual deductions.

S/N Rank Basic Annual Salaries
1 Chief Inspector (CI) ₦1.405,449
2 Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) ₦1.325,234
3 Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) ₦1.252,038
4 Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) ₦1.143,539
5 Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) ₦1,058,416
6 Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) ₦777,876
7 Marshal Inspector II (MI-II) ₦548,387
8 Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) ₦393,442
9 Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA) ₦966,761
10 Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA) ₦539,048
11 Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA) ₦387,428
12 Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I) ₦349,589
13 Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II) ₦319,741
14 Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III) ₦305,576

How to Join Federa Road Safety Corps

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