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BRISIN Aptitude Test Complete Questions and Answers- Update

Earlier we provided you with some questions to expect in the BRISIN Aptitude Test and also answers to the questions, this post is an update to the questions.

This are the exact questions to expect in the BRISIN Aptitude Test. Please, understand that this article is basically for preparatory purpose and is in no way encouraging malpractice.

Study the questions and answers below and also study more about BRISIN and develop more intelligent answers to the questions.

BRISIN Aptitude Test Questions and Answers Update

Question One- Decentralization is good for rural development, how?


Decentralization is very good for rural development as it helps to bring about even distribution of resources all across the rural areas which would lead to more accountability of given funds and internally generated funds which would be used to develop the area.

Question Two- Please give 3 reasons why the political ward is considered the economic hub of a nation.


  1. A political ward that is in chaos would lead to a reduction in activities in the area, which could negatively affect the economic activities of the nation at large.
  2. A political ward in an area would attract people that are politically motivated and interested in developing their respective communities. This little development would in the long run improve the economy of a nation.
  3. A political ward is the direct point of political power in a region and such areas have high economic activities going on.

Question Three- So much has been said about data harmonization looking at present data in Nigeria, how do you describe the veracity and validity to economic planning?


With the present data in Nigeria, the importance that data harmonization plays can not be over-emphasized as it is important in economic planning of the country as it helps to develop and maintain an inventory of the principal components of the economy. It is also a fact that data harmonization would lead to proper integration of all national and regional assets which is very important in the decision making process of Nigeria.

Question Four- Define in your own terms and short form, what is BRISIN and why FGN is implementing it?


BRISIN stands for Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria. It deals basically with the collection, distribution and storing of data and information to support the management of the Nigerian economy.

The reason the FGN is implementing this program is to bring about developmental and economic growth in the country through the use of correct data of people and all economic activities to develop the country.

Question Five- How would you advice the funding of BRISIN in Nigeria, considering that 20 million Jobs can be created by implementing the system?


The allocation for BRISIN by the FGN will not be enough to sustain this program and as such I would advice that BRISIN be funded by seeking alternative means outside the government, such as asking for help from other foreign/international bodies and also donations from patriotic Nigerians.

Question Six- The postponement of the presidential election was attributed to problem of logistics what do you think can be done to avoid such situation again in Nigeria?


The means of transporting electoral materials should be changed to air travel, as this provides a safer and faster way of delivering electoral materials. Adequate security should also be provided to ensure that the materials are not tampered with or the process of delivering the materials sabotaged.

Question Seven- When and how do we consider accurate data and information as vital for data governance?


Accurate data and information is vital for data governance as it ensures that the country information assets are properly and effectively managed. The importance of data governance is due to the fact that a nation can not be effective without high quality data.

Question Eight- What can be done to make rural areas as attractive as urban areas?


Rural areas can be made attractive when the government provides the basic amenities and comfort which can be found in the urban areas. The improvement in agriculture can also lead to improvement in the socio-economic activities of the rural areas.

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