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How to Easily Get and Verify Your JAMB Profile Code 2021/2022

This article contains all you need to know about JAMB Profile Code Generation with Mobile Phone for the 2021/2022 JAMB UTME Registration. See easy steps on how to get jamb profile code 2021/2022 below.

How to Generate JAMB Profile Code

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released the step-by-step guide for 2021/2022 UTME and Direct Entry candidates to generate profile code and how they can purchase e-Pin for new and previously used phone number. See full details below.

Profile Code for JAMB Registration

We will be showing you the new method to get/generate/create JAMB profile code for 2021/2022 UTME registration.

Since the introduction of NIN as part of JAMB registration requirement, the registration process has slightly changed which may affect some prospective candidates that do not have their National Identity Number, NIN yet.

PLEASE NOTE- JAMB has made NIN compulsory for the JAMB 2021 UTME Registration.

You will find the answers to the below listed questions-

  • How to get or check JAMB Profile Code on phone (SMS), Email, and Jamb Profile account
  • How To Get JAMB Profile Code For 2021/2022 Registration
  • Latest News Update and Method on How to get your JAMB Profile Code
  • What to send to get JAMB Profile code sent to your Phone number
  • how to get jamb 2021 profile code
  • how to get jamb profile code 2021
  • jamb profile code 2021
  • Should I send my NIN to 55019 to get jamb profile code
  • Can I send my full name to 55019 to get profile code?
  • How can I get JAMB profile code for registration?
  • Can I use another name for JAMB registration not in NIN registration?
  • unable to process your request at the moment. Try again later. (nin verification)
  • What if I made a mistake in my name during NIN registration?
  • Is NIN compulsory for JAMB registration?
  • Can I use the same phone number I used last year (2018, 2019, 2020 etc)

If you don’t have your National Identity Number NIN – Click Here to Register your NIN

How to verify JAMB Profile code

To verify your JAMB profile code, Send NIN Space NIN Number through SMS to 55019. See below for further explanation.

How to get JAMB Profile Code for 2021/2022 JAMB Registration

  • Get your NIN. Click here to see how to get NIN for JAMB registration.
  • Send NIN Space NIN Number through SMS to 55019. That is to say, if your NIN number is 12367801207, Send NIN 12367801207 to 55019. You must use a working phone number. (Note: put space in between the NIN and the number.
  • If you don’t have your NIN number; Send an SMS in the format “SURNAME FIRST NAME OTHER NAME” to 55019.
  • After sending the message, you will receive a message from JAMB having your JAMB profile code (The profile code is ten digits e.g. 4857209334).
  • The message will also contain the FULL NAME you used during NIN registration.

NOTE: Only one phone number can be used by each candidate to obtain his/her JAMB profile code. Also, make sure you use a phone number that you easily have access to.

Can I use the same phone number I used last year to get my Jamb Profile Code?

Yes, you can use the same number you used last year as long as you meet the below conditions.

  • Previously Used Numbers for JAMB Registrations can only be re-used by the same Candidate
  • The Candidate who is using his/her previous number for the second or third time will use the same profile code to purchase the new e-PIN.
  • If the Profile Code has been forgotten, the candidate can send RESEND to 55019 and he/she would recover the Old Profile Code.

Please note- Candidate cannot change names by using CORRECT on this existing number as this Profile is already tied to the existing number.

It is showing “Unable to process your request at the moment. Try again later. (nin verification)”, what do I do?

You are to link your SIM Card with your NIN to enable you receive the profile code in your phone.

Even if you have linked your SIM before, try doing it again for faster receiving of your profile code.

Note: Do not use SIM Card already linked by someone else maybe your mother or your father. It must be linked by you. This implies that the SIM must be yours.

How to link your SIM Card (Phone Number) with your NIN or to your NIN

Use the steps below to link your SIM Card to your NIN:

For MTN Users- Link your MTN SIM Card with NIN using Code and Confirm Status

For Airtel Users- Link your Airtel SIM Card with NIN using Code and Confirm Status

For GLO Users- Link your GLO SIM Card with NIN using Code and Confirm Status

For 9mobile Users- Link your 9mobile SIM Card with NIN using Code and Confirm Status

What to do when JAMB did not send the Profile Code to you after sending the message to 55019

Confirm if the SIM Card has been linked, if not try linking it, using the steps listed above.

What is the deadline for JAMB Registration 2021?

The closing date for JAMB registration is 15th of May 2021.

JAMB Cut-off Mark 2021

Click here to see the complete JAMB cutoff mark for the 2021 UTME

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