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Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money Online

Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money Online- Have you been searching for a way to make passive income from the comfort of your home? Are you aware that you can make at least 200 USD per week, just by leveraging the power of the internet? We have carefully compiled a list of easy and genuine ways for you to make money online using just your mobile or computer devices.

Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money Online

With just a bit of strategic thought and imagination, you can watch the money roll in while enjoying the ease of these lucrative opportunities.

1. Affiliate Marketing: Earn commissions effortlessly by promoting goods and services through your internet presence. With easy setup and significant profits, affiliate marketing allows you to make money online effortlessly.

How to Start:

  • Choose a Niche: Opt for a niche you’re passionate about for a more enjoyable promotional experience.
  • Join Affiliate Programs: Sign up for reputable affiliate programs within your chosen niche.
  • Create Quality Content: Craft content seamlessly incorporating affiliate links while appealing to your audience.
  • Optimize for Conversions: Experiment with strategies to optimize conversion rates effectively.

There are several platforms that offer affiliate marketing opportunities – Amazon, Click funnels etc. You can checkout some top paying affiliate programs for Nigerians here

2. Dropshipping: Run an online business without the hassle of inventory management, packaging, or delivery. As a drop shipper, automate your business through platforms like Shopify and let external suppliers handle the logistics.

How to Start:

  • Identify a Niche: Find a niche with in-demand products and manageable competition.
  • Choose Reliable Suppliers: Partner with trustworthy suppliers for seamless transactions.
  • Set Up Your Online Store: Utilize e-commerce platforms like Shopify to establish your dropshipping empire.
  • Implement Marketing Strategies: Leverage social media and digital marketing to drive traffic to your store.

3. Selling Digital Products: Create digital products, such as art, e-books, or online courses, and enjoy mostly passive revenue. Platforms like Gumroad and Teachable simplify distribution, leaving you to focus on counting your profits.

How to Start:

  • Identify Your Expertise: Choose a niche where you have expertise or a unique perspective.
  • Create Quality Digital Products: Develop valuable content for your audience.
  • Choose Distribution Platforms: Utilize platforms like Gumroad, Teachable, or Etsy to sell your digital products.
  • Market Your Products: Leverage social media and email marketing to promote your offerings.

4. Drop Servicing: For people that enjoy outsourcing, drop servicing is like dropshipping but for services. Act as an intermediary connecting clients with freelancers while overseeing projects and counting the profits.

How to Start:

  • Identify Lucrative Services: Find in-demand services and assess required skills.
  • Build a Freelancer Network: Source reliable freelancers through platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.
  • Create Service Packages: Provide clients with detailed service offerings and pricing.
  • Optimize Project Management: Utilize project management tools for efficient task oversight.

5. Investing in Index Funds: For the laziest investors, trust your money to index funds. Enjoy broad diversification without active management and watch your money grow gradually with minimal effort.

How to Start:

  • Educate Yourself: Learn about index funds, historical performance, and associated risks.
  • Select a Reputable Broker: Choose a reputable online brokerage platform for your investments.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio: Opt for index funds aligning with your risk tolerance and long-term goals.
  • Regularly Contribute: Consistently contribute to benefit from compound growth.

6. Faceless YouTube Channel: Hide behind the scenes and create a faceless YouTube channel to make money through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and advertisements.

How to Start:

  • Choose Your Niche: Select a niche aligning with your interests and potential audience.
  • Create Quality Content: Produce engaging videos without showcasing your face.
  • Optimize for Monetization: Enable monetization features on your YouTube channel.
  • Promote Your Videos: Utilize social media and SEO strategies to attract viewers.

Check out this guide on How to Create A Faceless YouTube Channel and Start Earning in Dollars


  • Automate Your Processes: Use automation solutions to manage dropshipping, drop servicing, and affiliate marketing campaigns, freeing up your time for relaxation.
  • Outsource When Necessary: Consider outsourcing tasks on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to maintain a balance between effort and reward.
  • Diversify Your Income Streams: Explore opportunities to grow within your current endeavors, such as expanding your dropshipping inventory.
  • Stay Informed About Market Trends: Even with a laid-back approach, staying updated with industry trends is essential for long-term success. Dedicate minimal effort to keep current and maximize your returns.

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