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Steps on How to Select New NPOWER Programme in Your LGA

Steps on How to Select New NPOWER Programme in Your LGA for Npower Batch C Shortlisted Applicants-

How to Select a New NPOWER Programme in Your LGA on NASIMS Portal– In this article, we will be showing you how to select a new Npower Programme if the previous one you selected is not available in your LGA.

It has been noticed that a lot of persons that applied for the NPower Batch C Recruitment and successfully shortlisted found out that they weren’t deployed because the programme they selected was not available in their LGA and they were asked to re-select/chose a new Npower Programme.

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If you are among this set of Npower applicants, here is step by step guidelines on how to Choose a New NPower Programme if the Programme you Selected is Not Available in Your Local Government Area.

How to select a new Npower Programme in your LGA

To select a New Programme in NPower Batch C Recruitment, please kindly follow the guidelines below:

  • Login to your Npower Nasims Portal:
  • Click on Deployment, a list of Available Programmes will pop up in the following format: a. N-TEACH b. N-HEALTH c. N-AGRO
  • Select your New Programme and Submit.

Upon successfully submission, you will receive a response from the Npower team.

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