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New Visa Laws of UK – Migration Rules for Dependent and Work Visas

New Visa Laws of UK – Migration Rules for Dependent and Work Visas.

Discover the latest updates to visa rules announced by Home Secretary James Cleverly, aimed at reducing immigration and impacting family and work visas. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes and when they will come into effect:

  1. Social Care Workers: Effective March 11, 2024, social care workers will be unable to bring dependents on their visa.
  2. Skilled Worker Visa: The minimum salary requirement for sponsored Skilled Worker visas will rise, starting from April 4, 2024, from £26,200 to £38,700 (but not for the Health and Care Worker visa, which includes social care, or for education workers on national pay scales).
  3. Shortage Occupation List: Changes to this list will occur in April 2024, reducing the number of jobs eligible for sponsorship on less than the usual minimum salary.
  4. Spouse/Partner Visa: The minimum income threshold for spouse/partner visas will gradually increase starting from April 11, 2024 from £18,600 per year to £29,000 and ultimately around £38,700 by early 2025, .
  5. Review of Graduate Visa: A review of the Graduate visa is underway, with expected reporting in late 2024.

Implementation Timeline:

  • Statements of changes to the Immigration Rules will be laid before Parliament, with the first on February 19, 2024, and the second on March 14, 2024.
  • Changes will take effect automatically unless annulled by either House of Parliament within 40 days.

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Reasons for Changes:

  • The Government aims to curb immigration, citing net migration figures.
  • Recent changes target international students, social care workers, and asylum seekers.


  • The increased spouse/partner visa income threshold applies to new applicants only.
  • Both sponsor and applicant incomes count towards the required threshold for visa extensions and permanent residence.
  • The Skilled Worker visa salary threshold increase won’t affect existing visa holders.

Comparisons with Other Countries:

  • Many countries have income requirements for family reunification visas, but the UK’s threshold is higher than most.
  • The UK’s family reunion ranking on the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) is low compared to other countries.

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